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Leadership Development

Sustainable organizational initiatives involve a complex interplay between top management team initiatives, organizational culture, and the motivation and engagement of members at all levels throughout the firm.

Weinberg-Schupp Executive and Organizational Leadership Development Framework, © 2020, 2021

Our leadership development initiative, developed in conjunction with Invenio Coaching begins with the C-Suite, and brings a leadership and learning culture to the heart of the process. It’s a proven and scientifically validated framework, forged in the realities of contemporary organizing and grounded in neuroscience, organizational behavior, and strategic management.

Our unique approach to leadership development has its roots in principles of intentional change (Boyatzis, Smith, & Van Oosten, 2019), coalition dyanamics (Bales, 1970), appreciative inquiry (Cooperrider & Whitney, 2005), and the co-creation of leadership, learning, and development (Weinberg, 2019; Weinberg & Locander, 2014; Sims & Weinberg, 2018).

In 2020, our CEO and founding partner Frankie J. Weinberg, Ph.D., CPC teamed up with Six-Sigma Blackbelt Certified executive coach Brad Schupp, CPC, ELI-MP, CEO/President of Invenio Coaching to develop an approach to executive and organizational leadership development that leverages their collective strengths . The result is a unique program that invokes the efficiencies associated with Brad’s specializations in operations, engineering, quality management, and lean process balanced with Frankie’s expertise in mentoring, constructivist approaches to meaningful and sustainable organizational learning, and in navigating organizational inefficiencies. This executive and organizational leadership development program uniquely blends Brad’s world of formal systems characterized by hierarchy and process with Frankie’s research and practice centering on
informal leadership and networks.

“extreme self reflection and focus on growth for the long term. not just in our careers, but in life, it taught me a different way of looking at leadership.”

U.S.-based client

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