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We offer a range of services to help you achieve the results you’re after. Not sure which option is best for your situation? We are standing by to listen to your unique needs and suggest the services that we believe will best advance your agenda. You can explore some details of the services we provide at portals below, and a link to get in touch is at the bottom of the page.

The LCI Ecosystem:
an integrated system of human and collective flourishing®

our services include: learning and mentoring support systems; leadership coaching & consultation; LCI academy; leading & sourcing community solutions; customized workshops; speaking engagements; global partnerships; a 360me self-leadership program; and ex-officio services.

see the descriptions below for more complete details

Learning and Mentoring Support Systems

Seeking best practices for mentoring others? How to learn through mentoring? Working on or thinking of developing a mentoring program for your workplace or community? We specialize in development of learning and mentoring cultures in organizations, teams, communities, and cross-organizational projects; learning through mentoring; formal mentoring program development and deployment; empowering you and your team to take the lead on your developmental relationships®

Leadership Coaching
& Consulting

Whether you’re seeking expert advice, advanced analyses, or a personalized coaching relationship dedicated to authentic leadership practices, our services are built from the ground up to help leaders, teams, and members to develop innovative, aligned solutions. Provided by a Certified Professional Coach bringing Whole Person Coaching® and Mindful Leadership Practice® perspectives, our coaching and consulting team work with you to
co-create meaningful experiences
and achieve targeted outcomes.

LCI Academy

Following the principles of continuous learning and grounded in foundations of andragogical (adult-specific) and experiential education, Leading Consultation International offers our
LCI Academy: A fully-integrated and elastic e-learning system. Choose between (a) self-paced and (b) instructor-interactive developmental online certificate-earning professional e-learning offerings. All options complement one another so that your experience may be enhanced as you desire through cafeteria-style accessorizing. Clients can choose between stand-alone short tutorials or our specially-developed, systemic, and targeted training and development seminar series.

Leading & Sourcing Community Solutions

Building resilience through engagement with the community. Supporting civic and business leaders to create significant and beneficial change for
the people living and working in their communities. We work with clients to develop innovative community-centric processes that contribute positively to both client’s bottom line and toward integrative human and collective flourishing®.

Customized Workshops for Training & Development

Our team designs customized workshops that benefit from our expertise in organizational behavior and management systems and proven interactive learning techniques including LEGO® Serious Play® facilitation. Previous workshop topics include leadership development; developing and leveraging a learning and mentoring culture; 360-degree solutions; creating & managing high performance teams; conflict management; strengthening & renewing organizational culture; leveraging diversity; professional communications; human resource processes, corporate social responsibility initiatives, and engaging intrapreneurial innovation, among others. Ask us about designing workshops to your unique specifications.

Speaking Engagements

A passionate, confident, and experienced public speaker, our founding member Dr. Frankie Weinberg offers memorable, inspirational, and engaging keynote addresses across industries. Leaning on both credibility and creativity, Dr. Weinberg is an adaptable storyteller who has a unique gift of unifying the audience while a at the same time engaging their critical thinking on a central theme. Contact him directly at to discuss possibilities.

QMNet & Mastermind Global Partnership

Connecting leaders to a community of qualified management experts, certified coaches, and to the resources that empower each of these parties to flourish. Our partnerships through Qualified Management Network and Mastermind Global Partnership bring a wealth of resources to our clients, enjoining them within a powerful and interactive networking, consulting, and learning community.

360me Self-Leadership

A personalized and mindfully transformational developmental leadership journey. Triangulating the three pillars of mind (logical, rational, intuitive, and deliberative), body (physical, ergonomical, lived, and performative aspects of self), and spirit (meaningfulness, spiritual journey, and connectedness grounded in authentic self-values) to create an integrated and functional mindfulness and whole-person experience, our 360me program empowers our family of clients to
take the lead on your development®

Ex-Officio Service

We offer ex-officio services through which our qualified team members are available to sit in on board meetings, project committee meetings, or other innovation-producing and/or decision-making events, providing confidential, informed counsel to your team’s voting members.

we’re here for you.

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