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The LCI Ecosystem

To learn more about each of the services within our integrated ecosystem, please visit our SERVICES page.
And we’d be delighted to discuss any aspect of our ecosystem of services with you. We’re just an email away:

Flourishing. Individuals, relationships,
and collectives. This triangulated focus makes up the backbone for our suite of products that empower our clients with the systems, tools, and support to advance to the realm of extraordinary.

Intra-individual focus

Our intra-individual focused services are all about you. Leadership starts with a deep understanding of self. Look for the following offerings on our on our services page:
Coaching; LCI academy; 360me; and our global coaching partnerships

Inter-personal focus

our interpersonal-focused services are designed to improve working and workplace relationships. Look for the following offerings on our services page:
learning & mentoring support systems; select workshops and offerings in our LCI academy

Collective focus

Our collective-focused services focus on the functioning of teams, organizations, and communities. Look for the following offerings on our services page:
consulting; ex-officio services; community solutions; customized workshops; speaking engagements



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